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  Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D.

Dennis Jaffe is Professor of Organizational Systems at Saybrook Graduate School. He is the founding partner of Changeworks, LLC in San Francisco, where he consults to organizations and family businesses about long-term change to build competitive advantage by unleashing the power of their employees.

He is a board member and fellow of the World Business Academy and the Family Firm Institute. He received his B.A. in Philosophy, M.A. in Management, and Ph.D. in Sociology, all from Yale University. He is a licensed clinical psychologist.

He has written 20 books, including Getting Your Organization to Change, Rekindling Commitment, Take This Work and Love It, Managing Change at Work, Empowerment, Self-Renewal: High Performance in a High Stress World, Organizational Vision, Values and Mission, and two best-selling books on family business, Working with the Ones You Love: Strategies for a Successful Family Business, and Working with Family Business: A Guide for Professionals.

He is an active consultant and business visionary, who has helped hundreds of businesses, large and small, grow through major organizational transitions. His work focuses on helping the organization make the massive changes demanded in the new work environment, by tapping the creative potential of all their employees. He has long been a leader in creating collaborative, learning-oriented approaches to creating direction, strategy and alignment of the organization to achieve outstanding results.

Dr. Jaffe is the creator of many organizational learning programs, which help leaders to engage their teams and move the organization in new directions, in times of great transition, including Leading Change, and Managing Change. His video, Managing People through Change, was voted one of the Best Products of 1991 by the magazine Human Resource Executive. His work has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Nation's Business, Time, The Wall Street Journal, and he has been profiled in People Magazine.

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